Amazon Consulting, Inc. is an incorporated consulting business specializing in quality system designs, internal auditing, performance consulting and training. We are leading the Quality industry in eAuditing, contract Quality Management Functions, and online Quality Training.

Shauna Wilson, President of Amazon Consulting, Inc.

Education / Experience
30+ Years in Quality
MS Instructional,
Performance Technology
BA Communication

Quality System Auditor
ASQ: CQM/OE Certified
Quality Manager

ASQ Portland Section – Social
Responsibility Chair​

eAuditing Fundamentals: Virtual Communication and Remote Auditing 2013 ASQ Press
Auditing Communication in a Global Supply Chain The Auditor Jan-Feb 2013
Successful Online Meetings INFOLINE 2009; Tools to Create High Performance Remote Teams 2nd Edition. Dec. 2008 Inkwater Press
Auditing in Virtual Environments The Auditor March-April 2008 Tools to Create High Performance Remote Teams. March 2005 Inkwater Press
Forming Virtual Teams Quality Progress June 2003

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